​This page contains links for prospective Applicants and others who are interested in the process for receiving County entitlements from the Office of Planning and Environmental Review.  This process only applies to properties in the unincorporated county.  If you are not sure of your jurisdiction, please click on the Parcel Information link below.  If you are not in the unincorporated county, you can contact one of the City Planning Departments, as appropriate.

Parcel Inf​​​​ormation 

The County's "Parcel Viewer" provides information on a property's jurisdiction, zoning, General Plan designation, flood zone, special districts, and much more.  To use it you will need an address or parcel number.

  • Track Private Applications.  The County's "Project Viewer" provides information on private projects that are either currently in process or have recently been completed.  Find project description, documents and status. The database can be searched in several ways including community, project name, owner, and address.
  • Planning Hearings and Agendas.  This link will take you to a list of Planning related hearings and meeting with links to their agendas so you can track items that will be heard.
  • Planning and Environmental Review Application Forms.  Forms are available for various types of applications.
  • Planning and Environmental Review Fees. We you know what entitlements are required for your project, you can determine fees by using the Fee Calculator or viewing the Fee tables directly.
  • Programs and Special Topics for Applicants.  In addition to the general standards and regulations offered by the Zoning Code and related documents, applicants should be aware early in the process of some specialized topic areas which may affect development applications.  The list includes: Affordable Housing, Design Review Program, Tentative Map Extension Dates,  Project Sites with Trees (including Native Oaks), Tree Removal and Pruning, Wetlands, and Wireless Communication Towers.
  • Guide to Land Use Documents and Programs.  This document will help you to understand the various Planning and Environmental Review Documents and how they may relate to your project.
  • User Guide and Overview of Planning and Environmental Review Processes.  This page will help you to navigate the Planning and Environmental Review processes.  It provides details on the applications including flowcharts, tips on h​ow to apply definitions and more.​
  •  Applicant's Guide for Projects in the Delta​​​.    This Guide helps Delta project applicants better understand the applicable regulatory requirements for their projects and successfully attain the necessary permits.​​  Chapters 2, 3, and 4 contain information that applies to all projects in the county.