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We know that people have different preferences in how they look for information online, so we've built in several ways to help you find what you need. Please try these:

  • Follow the Navigation – Check the category links at the top of the page and in the center of the page. Select the category that most closely matches what you are looking for and check there for a link to the specific information or service you need.
    • Structured Links.  You can enter the structured website through the "Customers" and "Plans, Projects and Programs" categories in the left-hand column.  All pages on the website are accessible through these categories. ​
    • Special Links.  Information that is commonly sought after can be found in one of the several special categories of links.  The left-hand column has" Division Home" or "Need Help?", for general division information and "Special Topics" for commonly viewed standing programs.  See the right-hand column "Resources" for commonly needed planning and environmental information or "Quick Links" for current projects of common interest.
  • Use the Search Tool - Enter the word or words that best describe what you’re looking for in the Search box at the top of the page. Our search tools searches all County department websites. 
  • Contact us – If you tried the above ways of locating information but cannot find it, send us an e-mail and tell us what you’re looking for.

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