Design Review Advisory Committee Meeting Documents

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The Board of Supervisors established the Design Review Advisory Committee (DRAC) to help implement the Design Review Guidelines. The DRAC is charged with evaluating qualifying projects by comparing their design to the appropriate design guidelines and recommending modifications.  In coordination with the Design Review Administrator, recommendations are forwarded to the final hearing body through the staff report on the project.

Meetings and Agendas.  DRAC meetings are regularly scheduled for the second and fourth Thursday of the month, and are open to the public. The 2017 DRAC Calendar​ and 2018 D​​RAC Calendar​​​ provide specific meeting dates and notes any exceptions.  Click on the appropriate meeting date below to view the agenda or minutes of past DRAC meetings.  Agendas for DRAC meeting are posted below on the Monday prior to the meeting.

More Information. Visit the Design Review Program page for more information.

To view past documents, hover your mouse over the year, click the drop down arrow, then click on the year for the documents you want to see, there is also a pagination arrow at the bottom of the list.

For alternative versions of these documents, please contact the Office of Planning and Environmental Review at​

12.13.2018 DRAC Agenda.pdf12.13.2018 DRAC AgendaAgenda2018
11.29.2018 DRAC Agenda.pdf11.29.2018 DRAC AgendaAgenda2018
11.08.2018 DRAC minutes.pdf11.08.2018 DRAC minutesMinutes2018
11.08.2018 DRAC Agenda.pdf11.08.2018 DRAC AgendaAgenda2018
10.25.2018 DRAC minutes.pdf10.25.2018 DRAC minutesMinutes2018
10.25.2018 DRAC Agenda.pdf10.25.2018 DRAC AgendaAgenda2018
10.11.2018 DRAC minutes.pdf10.11.2018 DRAC minutesMinutes2018
10.11.2018 DRAC Agenda.pdf10.11.2018 DRAC AgendaAgenda2018
09.27.2018 DRAC minutes.pdf09.27.2018 DRAC minutesMinutes2018
09.27.2018 DRAC Agenda Revised.pdf09.27.2018 DRAC Agenda RevisedAgenda2018
09.13.2018 DRAC Minutes.pdf09.13.2018 DRAC MinutesMinutes2018
09.13.2018 DRAC Agenda.pdf09.13.2018 DRAC AgendaAgenda2018
08.23.2018 DRAC Minutes.pdf08.23.2018 DRAC MinutesMinutes2018
08.23.2018 DRAC Agenda.pdf08.23.2018 DRAC AgendaAgenda2018
08.09.2018 DRAC Minutes.pdf08.09.2018 DRAC MinutesMinutes2018
08.09.2018 DRAC Agenda.pdf08.09.2018 DRAC AgendaAgenda2018
07.26.2018 DRAC Minutes.pdf07.26.2018 DRAC MinutesMinutes2018
07.26.2018 DRAC Agenda.pdf07.26.2018 DRAC AgendaAgenda2018
07.12.2018 DRAC Minutes.pdf07.12.2018 DRAC MinutesMinutes2018
07.12.2018 DRAC Agenda.pdf07.12.2018 DRAC AgendaAgenda2018
06.28.2018 DRAC Minutes.pdf06.28.2018 DRAC MinutesMinutes2018
06.28.2018 DRAC Agenda.pdf06.28.2018 DRAC AgendaAgenda2018
06.14.2018 DRAC Minutes.pdf06.14.2018 DRAC MinutesMinutes2018
06.14.2018 DRAC Agenda.pdf06.14.2018 DRAC AgendaAgenda2018
05.24.2018 DRAC Minutes.pdf05.24.2018 DRAC MinutesMinutes2018
05.24.2018 DRAC Agenda.pdf05.24.2018 DRAC AgendaAgenda2018
05.10.2018 DRAC Cancellation.pdf05.10.2018 DRAC CancellationAgenda2018
04.26.2018 DRAC Minutes.pdf04.26.2018 DRAC MinutesMinutes2018
04.26.2018 DRAC Agenda.pdf04.26.2018 DRAC AgendaAgenda2018
04.12.2018 DRAC Minutes.pdf04.12.2018 DRAC MinutesMinutes2018
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