Planning and Environmental Review Application Forms

General Planning Application

  • General Applica​tion Form​ Packet​​: This packet  contains the basi​c application required for all entitlement applications, except for those noted below under " Miscellaneous Planning and Environmental Forms.  The Application Forms are "Writable" pdf documents. Please fill them out on your computer and save them for inclusion on the required CD in addition to printing copies to sign. Application Instructions and Ch​ecklist​

Supplemental Applications (Submit  form(s) below, as needed, in addition to the General Application Packet.)

Miscellaneous Planning and Environmental Forms  (No General Planning Application required.)

    • Alcoholic Beverage Sales (ABC/PCN) Forms and Fees: This page contains an overview of the process for getting a liquor license, including the applicable forms. 

    • Pre-Application Meeting Form​​​. This is a 45-minute meeting with representatives of the Planning and Environmental Review Division, Site Improvement and Permits Division, and the Department of Transportation to review development proposals prior to the submittal of formal applications.  

    • CPAC Early Worksh​op Request Form​​. This form provides the applicant with an opportunity to present and receive community feedback at a CPAC (Community Planning Advisory Council) meeting regarding their proposed project prior to submitting a formal application with the Planning and Environmental Review Division.

    • CEQA Filing Fee No Effect Determination Form.  If you believe that your project will not have an impact to fish and wildlife, after submitting your project application to Sacramento County you may complete this form and submit it directly to the  appropriate California Department of Fish and Wildlife Regional Office. 

    Design Review Application Forms

    ​​For Design Review application forms, please see the Design Review Program page.  ​

     Fees and Related Planning and Environmental Review Webpages with Additional Forms,

    Examples of Exhibits for Specific Entitlements

    Parcel numbers may be obtained from the Assessor’s website at , by calling their office at (916) 875-0700, or by visiting in person at 3701 Power Inn Road, Suite 3000, Sacramento, CA.