Subdivision Review Committee

This committee takes final action on parcel maps (4 parcels or less) that do not require hearings at the Co​mmunity Planning Commission or the County Planning Commission. Their actions can be appealed to the County Planning Commission.

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collapse Year : 2017 ‎(26)
SRC Agenda 8-3-2017.pdfSRC Agenda 8-3-2017New8/3/2017Agenda
SRC Cancellation 7-20-2017.pdfSRC Cancellation 7-20-20177/20/2017Agenda
SRC Agenda 7-6-2017.pdfSRC Agenda 7-6-20177/6/2017Agenda
SRC Action Summary 7-6-2017.pdfSRC Action Summary 7-6-20177/6/2017Action Summaries
SRC Agenda 6-15-2017.pdfSRC Agenda 6-15-20176/15/2017Agenda
SRC Action Summary 6-15-2017.pdfSRC Action Summary 6-15-20176/15/2017Action Summaries
SRC Agenda 6-1-2017.pdfSRC Agenda 6-1-20176/1/2017Agenda
SRC Action Summary 6-1-2017.pdfSRC Action Summary 6-1-20176/1/2017Action Summaries
SRC Agenda 5-18-2017.pdfSRC Agenda 5-18-20175/18/2017Agenda
SRC Action Summary 5-18-2017.pdfSRC Action Summary 5-18-20175/18/2017Action Summaries
SRC Agenda 5-4-2017.pdfSRC Agenda 5-4-20175/4/2017Agenda
SRC Action Summary 5-4-2017.pdfSRC Action Summary 5-4-20175/4/2017Action Summaries
SRC Agenda 4-20-2017.pdfSRC Agenda 4-20-20174/20/2017Agenda
SRC Action Summary 4-20-2017.pdfSRC Action Summary 4-20-20174/20/2017Action Summaries
SRC Agenda 4-6-2017.pdfSRC Agenda 4-6-20174/6/2017Agenda
SRC Action Summary 4-6-2017.pdfSRC Action Summary 4-6-20174/6/2017Action Summaries
SRC Agenda 3-16-2017.pdfSRC Agenda 3-16-20173/16/2017Agenda
SRC Action Summary 3-16-2017.pdfSRC Action Summary 3-16-20173/16/2017Action Summaries
SRC Agenda 3-2-2017.pdfSRC Agenda 3-2-20173/2/2017Agenda
SRC Action Summary 3-2-2017.pdfSRC Action Summary 3-2-20173/2/2017Action Summaries
SRC Agenda 2-16-2017.pdfSRC Agenda 2-16-20172/16/2017Agenda
SRC Summary Action 2-16-2017.pdfSRC Summary Action 2-16-20172/16/2017Action Summaries
SRC Agenda 2-2-2017.pdfSRC Agenda 2-2-20172/2/2017Agenda
SRC Action Summary 2-2-2017.pdfSRC Action Summary 2-2-20172/2/2017Action Summaries
src cancellation 1-19-2017.pdfsrc cancellation 1-19-20171/19/2017Agenda
SRC Action Summary 1-5-2017.pdfSRC Action Summary 1-5-20171/5/2017Action Summaries
collapse Year : 2016 ‎(37)
AGENDA SRC 1-5-2017.pdfAGENDA SRC 1-5-20171/5/2017Agenda
AGENDA FINAL SRC12-15-2016.pdfAGENDA FINAL SRC12-15-201612/15/2016Agenda
SRC ACTION SUMMARY 12-15-2016.pdfSRC ACTION SUMMARY 12-15-201612/15/2016Action Summaries
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