West Jackson Highway Master Plan

Project Summary 

The proposed master plan area is approximately 5,900 acres in size and is generally located east of South Watt Avenue, north of Elder Creek Road, south of Kiefer Boulevard and west of Excelsior Road in the Vineyard and Cordova communities.  Approximately 4,000 acres are owned by the project applicants (Stonebridge Properties, LLC and Granite Construction Company) and the remainder of the Plan Area is owned by a number of individuals. The project application includes requests for General Plan Amendments to move the Urban Policy Area (UPA), amend the Land Use and Transportation Diagrams, Community Plan Amendments to create a Master Plan Area and a Specific Plan Area, and the adoption of a Master Plan and Specific Plan.

District Area Plan #1 (New Brighton) will include properties controlled by Stonebridge Properties, and District Area Plan #2 (Granite) will include properties controlled by Granite Construction.  Both District Area Plans will include properties not controlled by the project applicants.  The Master Plan will contain a land use map and policies that will apply to District Area Plans.

The current project is a revision of the original project.   Since the submittal of the original project application, there were several CEQA-related studies prepared, consultation with numerous stakeholders, and extensive coordination concerning how the original land use plan might adversely impact the environment.  As that information became available, the project applicants, with guidance from County staff, have modified the original land use plan to lessen its potential environmental impacts,  which is reflected in the current project's land use plan.  A Notice of Preparation (NOP) was reissued for the revised project on April 26, 2017.​​

​​​Revised Project Materials (April 26, 2017) 

Revised Notice of Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report 

​​On April 26, 2017, the County released a revised Notice of Preparation (NOP) to reflect changes in the proposed project.  


Sacramento County Community Development Department

Tim Kohaya, AICP, Project Manager, (916) 874-5982



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