Vacation Rental Permits


Sacramento County issues Vacation Rental Permits to allow for short-term home and/or room rental services for 30 days or less. The purpose of this permit is to implement operating conditions that will mitigate negative impacts, and to ensure that the use of the property for vacation rental purposes will be compatible with the surrounding neighnborhood.

*The vacation rental must remain an accessory use to your full time occupancy. Under no circumstance shall the vacation rental services become the primary use of the property.*

Application Procedures​​

  • The property owner must submit a completed Vacation Rental Permit Application to the Planning Director along with the fee of $270.66.
  • Upon receipt of the application, the Planning Director shall review the submitted material to determine its compliance with Section 6.5.6 of the Sacramento County Zoning Code.
  • If approved, the issued permit will be valid for one year from the date of approval. Once the permit has expired, a new Vacation Rental Permit must be attained to continue rental services.
  • After the permit has been approved, the applicant must apply for a business license with Sacramento County Department of Finance.


​​For additional information, contact Michelle Nagao, Associate Planner at