Vacation Rental Permits

​​​Short-Term Home and/or Room Rentals


With the increase in popularity of short-term home or room rentals through online services such as AirBnB and VRBO, the Sacramento County Zoning Code provides for a permitting process to allow such uses.  An owner and/or resident of a single-family dwelling may, as incidental to their primary residency, rent their dwelling or room(s) on a short term basis (30 days or less), upon issuance of a Vacation Rental Permit (VRP) from the Planning Director and a Business License from the County Department of Finance.

A VRP cannot be issued for vacant dwellings or for dwellings that are not being used as a primary residence (for example second properties).  The continuous short-term rental of a vacant dwelling is an activity that is similar to a hotel/motel, which is not allowed in any of the residential zoning districts. 

The use is subject to the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT), pursuant to Sacramento County Cod​e Chapter 3.08​

Application Procedures​​

A Vacation Rental Permit is required to do short-term rentals, as described above, and is an administrative permit that allows for review of such use to ensure compatibility with surrounding neighborhoods and properties.  There is no public noticing, public hearing, or review by the CPAC for the area in which the use is located.  Conditions may be added to the permit to avoid or reduce any potential nuisances associated with such use (e.g., parking, noise, trash disposal, and event control). 

A Vacation Rental Permit is only valid for one calendar year, requiring an owner to reapply yearly.  The owner and resident of a single-family dwelling shall submit a Vacation Rental Permit Application​​ and a check in the amount of $270.66, made payable to "Sacramento County" to the Planning and Environmental Review Division. 

Findings for Approval​

The following findings, pursuant to Section 6.5.6 of the Zoning Code, must be made in order to issue a permit:

  • No owner of a vacation rental shall rent said unit for 30 consecutive days or less without a valid Vacation Rental Permit and Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) shall be paid.
  • Vehicles used and traffic generated by the vacation rental shall not exceed the type of vehicles or traffic volume normally generated by a home occupied by a full-time resident in a residential neighborhood.  For the purposes of this Section, "normal residential traffic volume" means up to 10 trips per day.
  • Occupants and/or guests of the rental shall not create unreasonable noise or disturbances, engage in disorderly conduct or violate the provisions of the Zoning Code, or any state law pertaining to noise, collection and disposal of refuse, the consumption of alcohol or the use of illegal drugs.
  • Overnight occupancy of rentals will be limited to a specific number of occupants, and shall not exceed permitted occupancy loads, as determined by the Fire Code. ​


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