Residential Accessory Dwelling (ADU) Regulations

Residential Accessory Standards - Sacramento County Zoning Code Section 5.4.5.B, C, and D

  • Additional Requirements: The Project Planning Commission may apply additional conditions to a use permit relative, but not limited to, dwelling size, location, access, height, etc., if special circumstances arise requiring such mitigation of anticipated adverse impacts to neighboring residences.
  • Attached Units: Attached units shall share entrances with the primary unit, and shall be clearly incidental and subordinate architecturally to the primary unit.
  • Height: A maximum of 14 feet measured from the grade to the plate line The Zoning Administrator may approve a residential accessory dwelling which exceeds these standards provided the proposed height will not adversely affect adjoining residentially zoned property, and further provided that the residential accessory dwelling does not exceed the allowable height of the primary residential structure on the lot. 
  • Lot Area and Maximum Floor Area. Minimum of 5,200 Sq. Ft. per lot. The maximum accessory dwelling size is based on the size of the lot.

    Lot SizeMaximum Permitted ADU Size
    5,200 – 8,500 Sq. Ft.400 Sq. Ft.
    8,501 – 10,000 Sq. Ft.500 Sq. Ft.
    >10,000 Sq. Ft.600 Sq. Ft.

    If the proposed ADU is not consistent with these size standards, a Conditional Use Permit will be required. An ADU may not exceed 1,200 Sq. Ft. in size.

  • Number of Accessory Units: One residential accessory dwelling per lot
  • Parking: One parking space per bedroom. Additional parking may be required provided that a justification could be made that the additional parking requirements are directly related to the use of the second unit and are consistent with existing neighborhood standards applicable to existing dwellings. 
  • Setbacks: Front, rear, side, and side-street yard setbacks of the parent zone shall apply. There shall be a minimum 10 feet between an accessory dwelling and the primary residence. 
  • Sewer and Water: Public sewer and water facilities shall be provided in the RD zones. 
  • Surface of Parking and Driveway Areas: Each dwelling unit shall be served by a driveway with a dust free surface constructed to the standards of Public Works.