Overview of the Planning and Environmental Processes

Breaking Ground: Your Guide to Development in Sacramento County. This 2013 document covers a broad range of development—related Information including Planning and Environmental Review processes.  Its flow charts outline process responsibilities and sequence.  It has lots of good information including contacts, FAQs and more!

Essentials of the Planning Process.  A simple bullet point listing of the basic steps for processing planning applications. 

Procedures for Preparation & Processing of Environmental Documents.  This 23-page document provides specific information on application of the California Environmental Quality Act in Sacramento County.  For details on the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP) see the MMRP Ordinance.

Process Tips.  Here are some steps you can take before you apply which can make your process go more quickly, more smoothly, and at a lower cost.

Submit an Application Pointers.  A few pointers on how to prepare for your first visit to Planning and Environmental Review.

Frequently Asked Questions.  Whether you are a citizen who wants to be more informed about the public process or an applicant who needs to know what to expect, this is where to go for answers to the most commonly asked questions.  

Planning and Environmental Definitions. 

Planning Hearings and Meetings.  Provides a listing of key Planning-related hearings and other related information.  You may also want to visit the Department of Community Development’s Public Meetings webpage for a complete list of Department meetings.

Public Counter.  If you still have questions contact or visit the Public Counter for more information.