Tree Removal and Pruning General Information

A Sacramento County tree permit is required to remove or prune any public tree and certain private trees. Public trees are those that occur on any County owned land (parks, building grounds, etc.) and/or within right-of-way areas.

Removing or pruning trees on privately owned land also requires a tree permit in accordance with Zoning Code Regulations (Chap​ter 5.2.4 Landscape Standards​) and the County Code (Tree Preservation and Protection Ordinance).  See the Tree Permits: Useful Information page to learn more.

When is a Tree Permit Needed?

Typical examples of tree removal or pruning work that require a tree permit include:

  • Select Landscaping Trees.  Any tree located within parking lots and/or the landscaped areas that surround commercial buildings or apartment complexes.
  • Native Oaks.  Native oak trees occurring on any property, including on private residential properties.  Click here for help on ho​​w to identify a native oak​.
  • Public Trees.  Trees adjacent to roadways within the County right-of-way or on any County land or parkways.
  • Landmark Trees.  Certain trees that are especially prominent and stately are also considered “Landmark” trees and receive special consideration for preservation.  Landmark trees are often identified during the Conditional Use Permit/Development Plan Review process conducted by the Planning and Environmental Review Division.

For issues concerning trees on public land or street trees, the 311 dispatcher will forward your calls to the County department that manages the property.  If you live in a City within Sacramento County, you will need to contact the City for tree permits or tree concerns (see list of City Phone #’s).  In order to determine if you are within a City, visit the County's Parcel Viewer, entering the address or parcel number where the tree(s) is located.  The cities on the map are colored and labeled.

​How do I Apply for A Tree Permit?

To find out how to obtain a tree permit go to the Tree Permit: Getting Started page.

The permit fee is $31.35 and can include multiple trees on one permit.

​Other Tree Permit Topics of Interest

  • Have You Received A Violation Letter?

    • If you have received a violation letter it is because there is no record of a Tree Permit on file, or you have not complied with the conditions of an existing Tree Permit. Please follow the instructions in the violation letter or contact the Sacramento County Tree Coordinator for additional information.
  • Development Review.  Tree Pruning and Removal as a part of a development project.

    • Some tree pruning and removal can be allowed on private land as part of project development if a Building Permit or Planning Application is in review by Sacramento County Tree Coordinator staff. Removal of tree(s) may require replacement mitigation or plantings.
    • For more information on violations or development review, please contact the Planning and Environmental Review division by phone, email or in-person.  See the contact information below.​

Contact Information

  • For questions concerning street trees, trees on public lands or trees along creeks, please call 311.
  • For all other tree questions please contact the Sacramento Tree Coordinator phone: (916) 874-5278.          ​

         Building Assistance Center                                    
         827 7th Street, Room 102                                     Email: 
         Sacramento, CA 95814

​Note: Building Assistance Center customers can park free for up to 1 hour at the County Administration Center parking garage at the corner of G Street and 7th Street. Park on the second story of the garage and walk across the overpass bridge to the County building (700 H Street). Ask the security officer for directions to the Building Assistance Center.