Development Code Update

Scroll down for links to Archived Zoning Code Documents for hearing information, public review documents and an overview of the project. 

Adoption History of Updated Development Code  

The Development Code Package was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on July 22, 2015, with a 5-0 vote of approval. This package includes updates to the Zoning Code, Design Guidelines, and User Guide, as well as amendments to the General Plan and Title IV. The new Code went into effect on August 22, 2015.

Amendments to Title 22 (Land Division Ordinance) will heard on September 15, 2015.  See the Public Review Documents section below for links to staff reports and other background information. 

To view the most current adopted documents, visit the Sacramento County Zoning Code page​.

For information regarding on-going proposals to modify the Zoning Code, visit the Zoning Code Updates In-Progress page.

More Information

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Archived Documents

  • Comparison Chart between the existing and proposed Zoning Code (2nd Draft). Please note this chart includes proposed changes through October 7, 2014. Further proposed changes will be available as part of the Board letter for the February 11, 2015 workshop. 
  • Summary of CPAC Comments from workshops held from October -November 2014, based on the 1st Review Draft. Please note that responses to comments were included in the Board letter for February 11, 2015. 

Previous Public Review Versions

Past Hearings and Associated Documents (Most recent at top) 

Environmental and Other Documents 

​Project Description

The overall set of Development regulations consists of the Zoning Code, the User Guide, and the Countywide Design Guidelines. This new Zoning Code contains many procedural changes in a user-friendly format with clear standards, illustrations, a simple land use entitlement process, and will help to implement General Plan policies that promote mixed-use and sustainable development practices. And although a small number of the changes are in the form of new regulations, these regulations are intended to protect community and neighborhood character while minimizing any impact to economic development.

A draft Zoning Code User Guide has also been prepared to help customers and staff understand and navigate the Zoning Code and those planning and entitlement application procedures most likely to be encountered when developing property in the County. This guide compiles the requirements for application contents, forms, fees, and submission and review schedule. Development examples with illustrated site plans are provided to demonstrate how to navigate the new Zoning Code, application procedures, and other regulations. A draft can be found under Public Review Documents below.

The Countywide Design Guidelines provide guidance to improve the quality of the built environment. The County-wide Design Guidelines  incorporate the existing Multi-Family, Commercial, Industrial, and Village Center Design Guidelines with revisions, and  add Single-Family and New Communities Design Guidelines. The Single-Family Design Guidelines include a new program for Design Review on certain residential projects. The New Communities Design Guidelines provide direction to the master planning of new communities and build upon the county-wide guidelines.


A.   Provide business and user friendly practices that promote economic development and streamline the entitlement process, providing flexibility while insuring appropriate community review.

B.   Achieve higher standards for the quality of the built environment through enhanced Design Guidelines and Development Standards.

C.   Promote sustainable development practices through enhanced Design Guidelines and Development Standards that promote low-impact development, active design, walkable communities, energy efficiency, and water conservation.

Community Outreach

Community outreach continues during Board of Supervisors deliberations. 

Contact Information

Kevin Messerschmitt, Associate Planner
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