Sacramento County Zoning Code

The Zoning Code establishes land use zones and standards and regulations for development in those zones, within unincorporated Sacramento County. The links below will help the user to find the sections of the Zoning Code that apply to specific uses or to land use zones. 
Direct links to searchable Zoning Code Chapters related to:
  • General Provisions (Title I)
  • Land Use Zones (Title II) and
  • Use Regulations and Development Standards (Title III) 
A separate link on the Zoning Code Text page provides access to:
  • Special Planning Areas & Neighborhood Preservation Areas (Titles V and VI)
  • County Code on Land Use Development (Title 22)
This page includes new zoning amendments on Agricultural Tourism, Recycling Center Ordinance and the Visibility (fences) Ordinance. The commonly requested sections include terminology, Land Use Zone Use Tables and development standards for temporary dwellings.
An update of the Sacramento County Zoning Code has been completed, and a draft is available for public review. This new Zoning Code contains many procedural changes in a user-friendly format with clear standards, illustrations and a simple land use entitlement process. A User Guide has also been prepared to help customers navigate the draft Zoning Code, and common planning and entitlement application procedures most likely to be encountered when developing property in the County. To learn more about this update and to review the draft documents to date, please follow the link above.